Bright ideas start with CREO.  

At Creo, we believe that our clients should be given every chance to succeed.  Because of this, we have added a simple marketing branch to help with the details that hover between starting out and success.  Our marketing services are tailored towards an interactive approach, utilizing social media, physical media outlets, value-added marketing opportunities, product placement and many other methods.  


Social Media

CREO is a company dedicated to our clients and the achievement of their company goals.  Around here going the extra mile is standard operating procedure.  Our Social Media team is experienced and motivated but most of all, they have a personal commitment to excellence.  

We use metrics to monitor our success and identify areas of improvement to continually raise the bar, ensure we are providing our clients with a great value.  Our monthly reports keep clients informed and educated about our progress and helps them to intelligently set and evaluate goals for future growth. 

Our broad industry experience reaches from clients in the automotive industry to startups in healthcare technology and just about everything in between.  

We specialize in:

  •  Social Media Management (creating posts, replying to comments, gauging success and health of individual media platforms and developing strategies for growth.)
  • Content Creation
  • Videography for YouTube, blogs and social media posts
  • Photography for all media platforms
  • Graphic design for regular posts and promoted events
  • Event media coverage and marketing (press releases, social media coverage and day-of photography and videography as needed)
  • Metrics and analytics to indicate growth or areas of improvement
  • Intelligent ad purchases (Google adwords, Facebook ads etc) for campaigns or events
  • Webinar hosting
  • In-person training for existing client staff.
  • Interviews of staff or customers to give personalized social media content
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